A small pre-package Gas Detection System, with Class 1, Div II Grp A-D rating. Gas-dTect 1600 provide alarming, trending and group alarming.

Gas-dTect 1600: 16 Sensor Inputs, Pre-Package Detection System

SILstroke-3 products are SIL3 rated. Based on a 2oo4 voting (patented) arrangement of the SOVs, SILstroke-3 product will mitigate any first failure of a SOV. Those with Partial Stroke Testing (PST), are design to Self-Test First Partial Stroke Test Second. See the respective product flyer for more details.

SILstroke-3P : High Reliability ESDV, Partial Stroke Testing Applications

SILstroke-3E : High Reliability ESDV Controller, with Local Trip Reset Applications

SILstroke-3C : High Reliability Control Valve/Positioner Applications

SILstroke-3H : High Reliability ESDV, Hydraulic, with PST Applications

SILstroke-3BH : Basic High Reliability ESDV Controller, Hydraulic, without PST Applications

SILstroke-3BP : Basic High Reliability ESDV Controller, Pneumatic, without PST Applications

SILvalve : Design to be PST in the Closed Position, Normally Closed or Open ESDVs